Extra Virgin Olive Oil 0.75L

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil Petrolio is obtained from olives of excellent quality, brought to the press immediately after the harvest and work carefully.

100% EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE without colorings or preservatives, the product of a hilly area in Puglia overlooking the sea, from Olive quality Ogliarola, Leccina, Coratina with squeezing Traditional Mechanics Cold

Besides the precious extra virgin olive oil olives guaranteed by the Hill of Brindisi, Petrolio, the company offers its customers a range of typical products of Puglia that contraddistinguno for their genuiinità and flavor, in extra virgin 'olive oil without preservatives: artichokes, wild onions, eggplant, olives, stuffed peppers, spicy pickles, fig almond etc.

14,00 €